Notes on Tutor Platform

For Marketers

6 months of hard-work! Where are we now?
| 30 April
SummaryConvenience for students is what we care about. That is why we have brought all the language schools in
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Add Your School To School Finder. Edit The Existing Page (Guide)
| 22 August
Dear all, School Finder has some great news! Now you can add your school to our platform and edit
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For School Managers

Smart Resource management: Tutor LMS 4.3.0
| 20 April
From now on, schools can facilitate their venue and teacher capacity in a better way. Let's see how. Set
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Easier way to facilitate student requests: Tutor LMS 4.2.0
| 31 March
Another week has passed, and we are here to introduce you what we've done so far. The whole week
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