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  • Stabilise Mobile App
  • Placement Test v1


  • As a user I want to navigate back and forth in onboarding
  • As a CSR I want to update request


  • Hide bot performance details in group details page when the switcher is on
  • Add image select tool to word dialog in course edit
  • Don’t show words with same translation in one exercise
  • Rework content development tools colors and UI
  • Make the images in the placement test non-clickable
  • Sign out is not visible in placement test (after register)
  • Prepare Screens for Messaging
  • Research placement test
  • Translate flow to German
  • Turn off all reminders on Tutor app
  • Import image for Spanish course language
  • Align paddings equally for all cards
  • In typing ex., bring the input in the middle of the page
  • Rework “correct order” ex.


  • Mobile App stops responding and generates JSON error.
  • For typing ex., screen is stuck when keyboard is open in Android
  • Word was not in word cards but got question on it
  • After type word by audio ex. app switches to next portion
  • Exercise keeps asking the same word and its options
  • Absent student list does not load
  • When creating a group, training option cannot be selected
  • Options for Course language are not displayed
  • Android users cannot start a training
  • Play button does not work from the first time in iOS
  • Hide placement tests and exams from course book list
  • Examples block shows up empty in word card
  • Cannot delete groups from the list
  • Cannot delete groups from group details page
  • Can’t sign out from the LMS
  • There is no card with id …
  • Exercise instruction and mic overlap
  • “Correct order” ex. doesn’t work the way it should
  • Sentences look awkward
  • In app, 2 levels have no lessons
  • In IOS, one cannot get back from “Start exam” screen
  • “TypeMissingLettersByTranslation” ex is not centre-aligned


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