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  • As a Manager I want to create course (Group Template)


  • Optimise image size when uploading to reduce load on tutor-image service and speed up download in mobile
  • Rethink “last trained” logic
  • Show group schedule in group details page
  • Rework ex-Exam screen
  • Rename course to coursebook
  • Move out loading spinner from card to footer


  • Duplicates in “Users” collection
  • Blank user details window in the groups
  • Dialog crashes when adding new word
  • Play button breaks
  • In def. ex., options are out of the card limits
  • Images are overlapping and are a bit too low-positioned
  • The upper line from the previous card is seen
  • After canceling login with facebook the screen is automatically changed to training screen (must be auth)
  • Can not log in with email that not exists in db , showing some error without message
  • Def is blank for a word in the app
  • Missing localized key for Spanish “Choose a course book”
  • Exercise sets’ order is mixed
  • Import student does not work, loads infinitly
  • It’s not possible to download images


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