EDU 4.0.0


  • As a teacher I want to see the current lesson in the group details


  • Show previous portion screens if restarting the app
  • Fix daily goal calculation
  • Create a separate page for “Choose a course book” in settings
  • Implement german level calculator
  • Make scrolling smooth
  • Show the most up-to-date lesson within the group
  • Rethink data collection for “activity”
  • Exclude word cards from correct/incorrect stats calculation
  • After adjusting training settings, start the training


  • In puzzle ex., it’s too difficult and slow to drag-drop puzzle parts
  • Google functions do not deploy latest version
  • Suggestion section is absent
  • Essay Download button react only after 2-3 clicks
  • One cannot create a new member
  • Filter doesn’t work in incomes and finances
  • Can’t create Other Staff
  • Can’t clone the “Test Group” in Tutor profile
  • Hide Attendance in Students


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