LMS 4.3.0


  • Venue Resource Management
  • Teacher Resource Management


  • As a Group Manager and School Manager I want to see each student’s individual profile
  • As a CRM manager I want to set personality grade on contact
  • As a Group Manager I want to download report as CSV from group details page
  • As aGroup Manager andSchool Manager I want to see all my teachers availability in one list


  • Show partner logo when accessing registration form
  • Move pages under ACL
  • In the Request form add function to be able to upload any background photo
  • Teachers should see only their schedule in timetable
  • For Non- language courses hide language specific reports from group details page
  • For Non-language courses hide language specific icons from group details page
  • Hide analytics from teachers
  • Sort groups by last message date
  • Show notification icon on iOS and android when there is a message
  • When creating Group, link course End date calculation with lesson counts and schedule
  • Rethink and redesign the logic of the calculation of the Course Period for Training centers
  • Add birthday field in the contacts
  • In the Group detail panel add field for Facebook link
  • New role: accountant
  • In student list show people who ever have been enrolled any course
  • Add DELETE button in other staff salary
  • As A Teacher close the Delete and Update buttons from the Dashboard recent groups_operations
  • If lesson is cancelled remove this event from the timetable
  • Remove auto label from event
  • For Group manager open “Latest absences”, “Open Payments”, “” in the dashboard
  • Add note on the Group participant in the edit button


  • Contact info does not update when changing student details
  • Messaging is broken when looking as admin
  • Fix CRM analytics page
  • In financial analytics Financial Turnover Profit is not calculated properly
  • Please fix the problem with +4 Yerevan time zone in the Timetable
  • Group list is broken in some cases
  • As a Group-hr-manager I don’t see the groups
  • Student-in-the-group and user data don’t match


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