Course Finder 1.3.0. Detect Language Proficiency Level in a non-standard way

Working with new students always starts with the detection of their language proficiency level. We have taken care of optimizing this process as well. Probably you have already heard of our messenger bot which is designed to analyze one’s vocabulary gaps. During the last weeks, we have been improving the English test content and what’s new; one may now take a German test as well. So in this release, we announce

  • Content improvements in messenger test
  • Implementing the test of German
  • Newly designed and more user-friendly “results page”

All you need to do is to ask current or upcoming students to take the messenger test, which will take them up to 15 minutes. This test checks not only their vocabulary gaps but also the writing skills, grammar knowledge and what’s more interesting the mindset of a person. The same works for both languages.

Not only the test itself but the results page has also been included in our improvements list. There you can find your future students’ strong and week sides and find out their language proficiency level in a certain precision degree. The test takers also get certain recommendations on the actions they need to take in order to level-up.

So now you can save your time and resources, use our messenger test and detect future students’ levels or even ask them to take the test before coming to your school. Your current students may also find it interesting to try checking their level, so tell them about the test as well!

P.s. Explore much work done in details here;


  • Prepare screens for the test results page.
  • Fix merge to take not null external id
  • Generate user from test and store in sails
  • Finalize UI
  • Prepare bottom block with improvement suggestions


  • Cannot read property ‘title’ of undefined
  • Courses without date do not save
  • Connect the explorer answers with searching results
  • InlineEditor in “Add your school” mode sends a lot of requests
  • Some parts of the data are saved in strapi others not
  • The articles shown after request is submitted come from instead of
  • Bot broke while testing (does not respond anymore)
  • When adding a request on a new created contact, the request takes the admin’s name
  • shows Armenian courses
  • course near you shows Armenian courses


  • T:
  • Q: Stabilize


  • As a CSR I want to create contact on CRM
  • As a user I want to book a course without selecting a schedule
  • As a student I want my profile accessible via menu
  • As a community manager I want to have a separate blog section on blog to post polls, quizzes, etc.


  • Remake test bot messages considering explorer/sales questions
  • Add bugsnag to CRM frontend app
  • Fix local environment
  • The images does not show up correctly in lists and details because of size differences
  • Implement German in bot
  • Disconnect components from redux when not necessary
  • Move some data from redux to providers
  • For German test results show different level units than in English
  • Show verified+near you courses from different schools on the front
  • Show relevant similar courses


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