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Sample Post About Medical Trainings

Sample Post About Medical Trainings

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for Berlin

Smart resource management: Tutor LMS 4.3.0

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From now on, schools can facilitate their venue and teacher capacity in a better way. Let's see how. Set a venue for a groupAs a school or group manager you

Easier way to facilitate student requests: Tutor LMS 4.2.0

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Another week has passed, and we are here to introduce you what we've done so far. The whole week was dedicated to creating and improving the school monitoring, CRM and

Smart chatbot. Precise learning outcomes: Tutor Edu 4.0.0

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Both teacher and student have their own struggle to go through. This week we tried to address following pain points: preparation of data and content for a placement test smooth

Course Finder 1.1.0 More focus on courses.

Your language school is famous for nothing else but its courses. This is the reason why we shifted our attention from school search into a course search. Find out more

Flexible discount system and other news: Tutor LMS 4.1.0

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As usual, we are here to tell you about news and changes we've made since last time. They are to relieve your daily routine and spare you time for self-development

Teaching Management goes to the next level: Tutor LMS 4.0.0

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Hello, Teaching always goes along with management and administration, but we know that it is still your highest priority. That is why we never keep calm to spare your time

LMS/EDU 3.6.0

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Epics Current Course Details in Mobile Financial options for TMS Tasks Move under https Write article about school analytics charts Make Download (student list) Windows-adapted(?) Add new “Money-back” action

Version 1.0.0

The work done in the scope of our first release is summarised in epics, tasks, and bugfixes. Epics Improve UX Course Finder Discounts Stories As a school manager I want