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EDU 3.4.0

  31.08.2018   admin   Edu Releases   No comments

Attempt to prepare content for Learnship for trial, brought some BI for schools on board, added basic Expense Management to Finances, notifications to groups, improvements to vocabulary trainer and to

LMS 3.3.2

  27.07.2018   admin   LMS Releases   No comments

We started bringing new features on schools customer development issues. Group Management v1 is finalised and we managed improvements on collecing feedback. We have improved training experience, LMS finances. See

Version 3.3.1

  29.06.2018   admin   LMS Releases   No comments

We have deployed option collect feedback from mobile about the content, scheduled teacher reports on attendance and vocabulary training performance, improved content and revisited vocabulary teaching algorithm. Started working on

Version 3.3.0

  1.06.2018   admin   LMS Releases   No comments

Happy to announce new release 3.3.0 where teachers can provide attendance, add notes, set notes on student level, see reports. Lots of small fixes on vocabulary trainer and on the

Tutor bot iphone app

  19.10.2017   admin   Germany   No comments

We just published our first version to apple app store! Iphone version has more features compared to messenger chat bot. Now you can listen, click, see your stats, follow the

Hello from Tutor Bot!

Tutor is coming! We are happy to announce that we are launching the Tutor, a smart chatbot who teaches languages. But let me start from the beginning... An old friend