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EDU 4.0.0

  15.03.2019   admin   Edu Releases   No comments

Stories As a teacher I want to see the current lesson in the group details Tasks Show previous portion screens if restarting the app Fix daily goal calculation Create a

LMS/EDU 3.9.0

  28.02.2019   admin   Edu Releases   No comments

Tasks Fix margin in course list to be like other pages Fix analytics widgets margins Find data sets for words Prepare flow/questions Create a new option: course total hour Send

EDU 3.8.0

  15.02.2019   admin   Edu Releases   No comments

Story As a Manager I want to create course (Group Template) Task Optimise image size when uploading to reduce load on tutor-image service and speed up download in mobile Rethink

EDU 3.7.0

  2.02.2019   admin   Edu Releases   No comments

Epics Stabilise Mobile App Placement Test v1 Stories As a user I want to navigate back and forth in onboarding As a CSR I want to update request Task Hide

LMS/EDU 3.6.0

  19.01.2019   admin   Edu Releases   No comments

Epics Current Course Details in Mobile Financial options for TMS Tasks Move under https Write article about school analytics charts Make Download (student list) Windows-adapted(?) Add new “Money-back” action

Creating own study materials: Tutor LMS 3.5.2

  31.12.2018   admin   Edu Releases   No comments

We are happy to announce that from now on schools (teachers) can create, add and modify their own training materials which will be displayed in Tutor app as a result.

EDU 3.5.1

  30.11.2018   admin   Edu Releases   No comments

Happy to announce, we had a successful expo and users loved Vocabulary Gap Analyser chatbot and we will keep improving it. We also lunched new Exam for vocabulary trainer. Test

EDU 3.5.0

  16.11.2018   admin   Edu Releases   No comments

New Exam Engine, unified mobile app design, entirely reworked English and German courses, finalised Spanish v1. Epics Exam v2 (manual) Unify Mobile App Design Rework English Courses Spanish v1 Rework

EDU 3.4.5

  31.10.2018   admin   Edu Releases   No comments

We started working on new test engine, one can design placement, exit, level assessment tests now! Also improved exercises in vocabulary trainer, lot of small changes, see details below: Stories

EDU 3.4.4

  15.10.2018   admin   Edu Releases   No comments

We overhauled dashboard for you and developed tool to evaluate vocabulary gaps from open text. Some improvements on statistics and bug fixing. Epics Rework Dashboard Vocabulary gap analysis (v1) Stories