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Smart Resource management: Tutor LMS 4.3.0

From now on, schools can facilitate their venue and teacher capacity in a better way. Let's see how. Set a venue for a groupAs a school or group manager you

Easier way to facilitate student requests: Tutor LMS 4.2.0

Another week has passed, and we are here to introduce you what we've done so far. The whole week was dedicated to creating and improving the school monitoring, CRM and

Tutor LMS delivers so much analytics…

“What gets measured gets improved.” Peter Drucker would say. I know, having studied humanities many of you consider yourselves quite far from everything that deals with numbers and measurements. But

Big, Little Changes in Tutor LMS

Tutor starts pleasant spring with a few big, little changes. The development team keeps working on the features which surely meet teachers, managers and of course students demands. So, let’s

Next Step done!

Ready to share with you the results of our work for this new 3.3.0 version of Tutor Bot. What's new Every application starts with a registration. And this must be