Build Own Interactive Course

Be your own author and create your own course, just as you fancy it.

Pick a Course or Develop

Pick up a ready-to-go course or build a new one. Develop (or use existed) and apply teaching approaches based on the linguistic profile of your students: their progress, learning styles and learning goals, hobbies, etc.

Import a Course

If you already have your own course, import it in Tutor platform. By digitising your content, you’ll be able to reuse it, customise it and relate it to different spheres.

Monitor Students’ Performance

Monitor your group’s progress, mistakes, weak points, spent time. Adjust training options accordingly and tailor a student-oriented and individualized language course. This will increase your student’s productivity and, hence, your rating as a teacher.

Upload own Vocabulary

Tutor lets you upload own vocabulary, enrich with images, definitions and usage examples and integrate it with the course. You decide for which group of students which content in which sequence and quantity should be displayed.

Design a placement test

Design dynamic, content-reach placement test with a user-friendly editor.  Build as many as you wish, dedicate to levels, industries, age.

Analyze gaps

Analyze gaps using an essay assessment tool to automatically calculate students’ vocabulary and grammar knowledge level.

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