Manage the finances of your language school

Control pricing models, teachers’ salaries, incomes and expenses

Automate the charging process

Are you charging hourly or monthly? Maybe per lesson? Choose the suitable option for you when creating a new group or updating existing data.

Fix fee payment method per month or per session and set the pricing model per student or per group.

After finishing these steps your fees will be calculated automatically! Per each group! Per each lesson! And per each student! Don’t forget to inform your students that they can check their balance using the TutorBot app for 24/7.

Automate salary calculation

LMS gives an opportunity to school manager to automate salary calculation per teacher per group and give an access to the teachers to check their salary calculation whenever they want.

Track the finances

After you can categorize your ins and outs, filter them by the date and type, see the total for the special period. It’s a great feature for the manager to track the finances of the school whenever and wherever.