Portray the story of your language school and pointedly present your courses

Earn joining requests by clearly illustrating the benefits of becoming your student.

Introduce the course 

Introduce some essential facts about the course-the course book, the size of the group, the proficiency level of the students who may participate in the course, etc.

Present the content

Tell your future students about your courses in much detail; present your teaching methods and approaches.

Let prospective students book your course

Let prospective students book your courses online choosing preferable dates and do not forget to give them the chance to join free trials as well.


Monitor customer engagement and optimize your pages to increase your sales.

Make better offers

Create marketing campaigns based on the data you will receive through analytics, take care of the customer interests and meet their requirements. Offer exclusive deals and sales. 

Marketing for Schools

6 months of hard-work! Where are we now?
| 30 April
SummaryConvenience for students is what we care about. That is why we have brought all the language schools in
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Add Your School To School Finder. Edit The Existing Page (Guide)
| 22 August
Dear all, School Finder has some great news! Now you can add your school to our platform and edit
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Course Finder Releases

Course Finder 1.3.0. Detect Language Proficiency Level in a non-standard way
| 6 June
Working with new students always starts with the detection of their language proficiency level. We have taken care of
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Course Finder Updates 1.2.0. Multiple Schedules and Gallery
| 24 May
Forming an upcoming learning group can become a thorny issue when there are no fixed schedules. Here at course.am
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Version 0.2.0
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