We connect schools, teachers and students

Tutor is an ultimate platform to organise language learning

Tutor Platform is designed to make language teaching and learning more interactive,
organized and enjoyable for all the people included in these processes


Portray the story of your language school and pointedly present your courses. Earn joining requests, manage them. Monitor your school performance and become the highest ranked school and get more students.

Receive requests through proper school marketing. Evaluate the proficiency level of the applicants, place them into corresponding groups, schedule lessons, track attendance, monitor school utilization and receive statistics reports.

Create your own language course or use already developed ones. Tailor the course by teaching methods and students’ learning style. Monitor your student’s performance and adapt the course correspondingly.

Instruct your students online. Find new students from various parts of the world and create flexible schedules.  Use advanced technologies to organize more interactive lessons and achieve better results.

Make classroom activities interactive. Send homework, set a daily goal, assign various exercises. Notify about bad performance, late payments, and low attendance. Let artificial intelligence work for you!

Choose right student fee and teacher salary model. Apply discounts, receive payments, record expenses and monitor. School finances lets you handle small to medium size training center financial needs.


Free for schools up to 50 students

School Marketing
  • Courses Marketplace
  • Online Payment
  • Analytics
  • Request Management
  • Discount Management
  • Stock BI
  • Landing Pages
per active student
  • Manage Groups
  • Manage Finances
  • CRM
  • Monitor School
  • Receive Reports
  • Manage Attendance
  • Evaluate Skills
per active student
HR Tools
  • HR Features
  • Manage Groups
  • Test Your Staff
  • Schedule Trainings
  • Monitor Progress
  • Receive Reports
  • HRMS Integrations
per active student

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