Manage the administrative issues of your school.

Save time and make teaching and learning more enjoyable.

Get a database

You can have a student database full of information you need for analytics.

Create data-based courses

Target your students correctly, create and organize special courses and, hence, increase the effectiveness of your school.

Manage the requests

Request management feature helps managers address students requests and add them to the existing groups or create a new one for them based on their skills, goals, and interests.

Get rid of everyday paperwork

With help of learning management system (LMS) teachers can manage their group’s attendance by one click: mark absence or presence, cancel the lesson, send notifications to the students etc.

Monitor the performance of your group

At the end of each period, the teacher can monitor attendance, performance and overall progress per student and per group.

Identify new KPIs

In the school profile dashboard, the correlation of 3 most important indicators (student utilization, student performance, and attendance) reveals to you which actions you should take next.

You’ll find answers to questions like why students drop-out from the groups (coefficient of student retention), which kind of training students like more, how to affect their performance, etc.